The Mayor’s Thames Festival

Very quick before I head off to bed. Tonight the gals and I headed off to The Mayor’s Thames Festival. This festival is only held on weekend per year and we were fortunate enough to be around when it was scheduled this year!

We started by jumping on the tube and taking the Bakerloo Line south to the river, getting off near the Waterloo Bridge. The sight that greeted us would bring tears of unchecked joy to any Shopaholic’s eyes: about 87 stalls stuffed with jewelery, skirts, dresses, glass mosaics and general London paraphernalia all down the riverbank. Don’t worry, Dad, I only spent money on food.

Which was quite good. I found some fried prawn rolls at a Thai stall right next to the burrito stand (which my friends made a beeline for). While we were waiting in line, I got to know a nice English chap who studied for a year in Texas and is now working as a museum somewhere close to the West End (at least I think that was where he was pointing. It could have been a random street corner, but he looked too clean-cut for that). Next we popped our squat on a bench close to the river and waited for about two hours for the fireworks.

I have never seen more amazing fireworks. Way to go, London.

Returning was quite the adventure, considering I forgot my Oyster card and everyone and their mother wanted to get to the tube at the same time we did. After being literally squished between hundreds of people on the Millennium Bridge, losing Brittany, having someone step on my too long pants and bumping into our new slightly intoxicated Belgian friends, we made it across, RAN to the tube and made it back to Baker Street before 10:45.

Not a bad night.



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